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Martha’s Pen: Shape

I actually didn’t feel like talking about this particular topic , but looking at the harm and damage it is causing in our society , I think I can make a change in my own little way. Okay this is how it goes , you were born, you grew up , fearfully and wonderfully made […]

Martha’s Pen: Listen!!

You know if you would just keep quiet for a while and just listen, listen to yourself, to what that person is saying, like just listen, maybe you wouldn’t be as confused as you always are, and maybe you can actually get your problems half solved and get a head through. But no all you […]

Martha’s Pen: No Title

Oh! I won the Etem Poetry competition last two years, said James, you know when he said it, we all raised our brows and hissed under our breath, suddenly everybody gave him a weird look except of course the person he was talking too. Now this expression is not because he was telling a lie […]

Martha’s Pen: I am Busy

The ‘I am busy’ syndrome has found it way in some relationships now and it is really not helping anybody. My personal opinion is ‘ I am busy ‘ is the new theoretical approach some use in just being irresponsible in a relationship. Okay this is how it goes, two people fall in love, who […]

Martha’s Pen: Own It

Some people are just staff members of their own life and dreams. Yes they are not the CEO of their own life, not to talk of dreams and goals. Their so called friends, besties, cliques etc are the major controller of their lives. They don’t have a say in their own life, they can’t take […]

Martha’s Pen: Words

Have you ever had a conversation with Friends and then after saying something, someone will just say, ‘ you be there jam talking oh’, or you have that friend or you are that friend that will not stop talking, cho cho up and down, all secrets in the open, have you ever said something and […]