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Martha’s Pen: June

Hey guys it’s been a really longtime so sorry for the quite long break I have come back reloaded with all the interesting topics to pique your interest. It’s a new month already. I actually can still remember the dances and jubilation in church at the cross over service, and here we are it’s almost […]

Martha’s Pen: Support System

You know how it is in secondary school that topic is it biology or inter science now? , that follows one another  discussing the various systems of the body, respiratory, circulatory etc well for the support system I don’t mean those ones that regulate your body and all rather I mean the support system for […]

My First Air-Travel experience

Kindly place your hand on your chest and repeat after me😆 ”No matter what I read here today, I shall not make jest of the writer either to her face or even in the comment section. So help me God.” Kindly note that you are now under oath😒 You May proceed😁 In October 2017, I […]

Writers—born or made?

What are your goals for 2019? For sure, personal growth and pruning is one of them. Landing a (better) job might also be another. You have writing aspirations or goals? So get up and hit the ground running; achieve your goals right from this month. In the fast-paced digital world of today, the writing industry […]

Martha’s Pen: Forgiveness

So many times, we think forgiveness is only about other people Its more like you offend someone, you, tell the person you are sorry or find other means of showing how remorseful you are and then everything is fine. But everything is not fine because you still feel that little cut of sadness piercing through […]

Martha’s Pen: My May

Happy New Month folks, so happy we made it again, 4 month don waka like that oh, 8 more to go, may God never stop keeping us all. Bye bye to all our sadness, long nights of tears, heartbreaks, loss in any way, happiness all the way for the remaining 8 month. I also wish […]