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Movie Review: Lionheart

This year, I’ve been a victim of money wastage at the cinema a number of times, I won’t mention the movies tho😑. In fact, one of those times, I actually left the cinema before the movie ended. So I’ve decided to choose carefully and not waste my money anymore. But guys, today, I got value […]

The Nigerian Rich

Nigerians hail the rich Forgetting they have sucked us Are we gullible? No!! They have made us to look foolish Wake up!! Become conscious Why do they keep getting richer? While the nation suffers Something is wrong somewhere We have to look inwards And look outwards Let us tackle this problem But who will stand […]

The New Nigeria

A golden nation A weakened nation A nation with bad crops of leaders A nation with no pity A nation with much ethnic sentiments A nation with politicians as the richest A nation with youths as thugs A nation with terrorist on her lands A nation with so much oil A nation with so much […]

The Old Nigeria

A young nation A fresh nation A nation with a good set of leaders A nation with potentials A nation blessed with resources A nation blessed with nature A nation with a strong currency A nation with good electricity A nation with little corruption A nation with little ethnic sentiments A nation that had free […]

The Nigerian Poor

Are we that poor? We are the poverty capital So much pain So much suffering We are not smiling Being poor in Nigeria is a curse It brings about so much tears No love from the rich The Nigerian poverty is the worst An unkind menace It brings about shame A poor man is called […]