Martha’s Pen: The Blame game

It is all your fault, you caused it, if it were to be me , couldn’t you have done better, these are the common jabs we throw at others when playing the blame game. We just never see our fault, or how we contributed to their wrong doing either directly or indirectly, we just always close our eyes to seeing reasons and rather speak out of our ignorance. No one wants to take the blame, I am always right kind of person we all claim.We all have those friends who never accept their wrongs, they would always point out at others fault, and if it is very obvious that it is their fault , they turn victims immediately , they play the victim game, where everybody feels sorry for them and begs them, people with such attitudes are poisonous to any relationship. You need to change before you end up being lonely and rejected. It is not a plus to your personality rather a minus.
For just once, see things in a different light, view issues like a sage, rather than lay blame on anybody, pause and ask yourself a sincere question, What if I was the one??, if you were in that same situation as they were, what would have your action or reaction been?, put yourself in the person’s shoes, try to connect with them, if you can actually do this you will realize you will be doing more good than harm in maintaining your relationship with such a person. No matter how bad the case may also learn to forgive and move, rather than hold grudges and loose your self peace, choose forgiveness no matter what, trash things out in love , talk things out, let them hear how you feel, your discontentment , etc in a loving manner, with carefully selected wisdom words, in such a way that a good message will be passed and friendship is made to last, let us all learn.

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