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Ever done anything out of that your normal cycle of activities, anything out of ” what I normally do “, like have you ever, I have a friend that is ever always scared of trying something new, she is always so paranoid , she forever has, the only place she visits, the place she goes and all and all like that, then she will come and complain to me that she is bored, like why won’t you be bored, we all have just one life to live, I know you scared and all but try something new, new and right, yes emphasis on the right, go to a new place, do something new and sweet, try that thing you always to do just do it ,it might just make you happy. So all the years of my life, I have never fixed my nails or had make up on , nothing out of the ordinary though, I always appreciated it and loved it on other people but I just never tried it , so yesterday I did, I just looked at my boring self, took myself to the nail salon fixed my nails, called my makeup Artist friend, went to her house and she fixed my face up, it was an amazing experience for me, like I was happy, it was worth it and everyone was surprised, comments up and down and that satisfying feeling that I finally did what I wanted was just overwhelming. Trust me it doesn’t have to be something big and out of the ordinary. Just go out of your way, comfort zone and make yourself happy , enough of what would they think, you first , keep it right , light, and be alive. You owe yourself happiness.

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