Louis Tomlinson’s sister dies at 18 after suffering heart attack

Louis Tomlinson

Félicité Tomlinson, the sister of One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson, has died after suffering a heart attack.


Félicité, 18, passed away at her studio apartment in London on Wednesday March 13th. Someone in the apartment called an ambulance but when paramedics arrived and tried to revive her, she was dead already.


Félicité Tomlinson reportedly showed no warning signs and had no prior history of heart issues. In fact, earlier this year, Félicité posted on social media she had stopped drinking and stopped smoking cigarettes.

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She was a fashion designer and was planning to publish her own book of poetry. She and her more popular brother, Louis were extremely close.


Louis Tomlinson


Félicité was one of 7 siblings of which Louis was the oldest. They lost their 43-year-old mother to cancer in December 2016 and have not recovered before the latest tragedy struck.

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According to reports, Louis is devastated and he’s with family now.

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