As I sat in the bus going home today, the man sitting in front of me wore a shirt that had this inscription
” Nothing great can be ever achieved without sacrifice”,and this got me thinking , then I actually rewind
and immediately the images of the great men and women I know flashed through my mind and their
words and I realised sacrifice was their common front. Sacrifice is a loss or something you give up
usually for a better cause , the best definition I have actually found so far.
We all have big dreams, high hopes, aspirations, we have faith, the vision is clear ,we believe we can ,the
coast is clear, we can proudly say where we would see ourselves in the next ten or five years, but some
of us don’t just want to take steps in achieving all of these things. We are not ready to lay off the weight,
we are not ready to sacrifice anything. You still want to take along with you your procrastination,
laziness, fear, bad attitudes, unwillingness to work, to learn, to be teachable, pride, etc ,none do you
want to sacrifice and you want to be great,i welcome you to the Land of Deciet.
If you really want to be great, you need to sacrifice , you need to loose in order to gain, no one is saying
you shouldn’t have fun , but how will you understand fun when you don’t work. You need to dedicate
your time and yourself to a noble cause, taking steps in achieving your goals, cut aimless lifestyle, cut off
what is not helping. Let’s then learn from this world star .
Lionel Messi- You have to fight to reach your dreams, you have to sacrifice and work hard for it.
Don’t say I didn’t tell you oh.

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