Stop Comparing yourself

Apples and oranges are two different fruit. They have their different life span, their own kind of fruits, their seeds are different too. No two fruit is ever the same , they may fall under the same family, but they sure always taste and look different. Some may even argue that they look alike but trust me their content is different, and that defines their uniqueness. This also go for we social beings. We may look alike, even act alike, we may be in the same class even always get the same grade, but trust me , we are different beings with our separate uniqueness. Our uniqueness and difference is the seed to our greatness , to our exploit. So you see how foolish it for you to compare yourself.

I was a victim of comparison myself, I had a roommate then , who had everything I ever wanted , good clothes, shoes, beautiful tongue waging shape, beautiful face, she was just perfect. I started looking at my imperfections. I was not satisfied with who I was and what I had and this cost me a lot. It was then , I realised comparison was a seed to grow jealousy. It was terrible for me then, sometimes I cried, I tried to help myself , I couldn’t tell anyone what was wrong with me because I felt they would insult me and call me names. So I kept it all in and it really made me sick both emotionally and psychologically. To cut the long story short, this my friend had a boyfriend, now her boyfriend happens to be the best friend of mine. This my friend will give me a download of all that was happening in her relationship , all her guy was doing for her foolish me I will punish my boyfriend for all the things he could not do for me forgetting that all fingers are not equal. After it all, I broke up my relationship with this guy because that my friend broke up with hers. I know you will say what kind of girl is this, or you will say get a grip or get a life. But I am not that girl anymore . I lost a few things that i still hope I get back. Comparison cost me a lot , my inner piece , my self esteem etc.
If you used to compare yourself before to other people for whatever reasons please stop, you are damaging yourself, you are abusing yourself and you are by yourself erasing your quarter of uniqueness for the positive world change. Trust me on this one , there is only one of you, you are the only you that ever was and will ever be. You are the only you the world has, cherish and love you for that and more.

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Here are few tips that will be helpful

Believe in yourself – Beyond all your failures, your achievements, your mistakes , never stop believing in yourself. You can do more than you can imagine. You can be all you want to be, just trust yourself enough.
Never compare yourself – This is the worse death sentence you can ever give to yourself. Please never compare yourself with anyone either for their material possessions, or achievements in life, shape, position , beauty etc. The only thing you are allowed to do is appreciate and aspire to be a better you.
Love yourself – Yes, you need to love yourself more, give attention to you, don’t base your life on what anyone says or does. Be there always for you. Love you , cherish you, complement you. Be all for you. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.
Confess all you want to be to you.
Trust me, comparison has damaged a lot of things, its a trick by the devil to shortchange all you can be , don’t allow it. Trust in God more and know you are the only special piece made, there is just one you.
Don’t forget to share your views and experiences too. Lets learn and grow together.

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