Labelling People

I know you will be wondering what is this about, what does it mean and why this but it explains itself. As a social beings we interact each day with our environment and people so labelling people is a common thing we do.

So what is a label?

According to the English dictionary, it is a name given to something or someone to categorise them as part of a particular social group.
You will understand better now ,let’s keep it rolling
We label people each day oh! She is my friend, oh! That is my brother, oh ! He is my boyfriend this and that. I coined two types of label out that we use for people, they are the Natural label and the Artificial label. Me that is feeling like one biology pro right now. So well the natural label is biological. It has its own rules, principles , its own already clearly stated, well known labels, like your mother, father, Sister, brother etc.
So the Artificial ones are the ones includes labels like friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover. You might not agree to this, but i just need you understand some basic things about labelling people now to the my main point. The crazy thing about labels is comes with a sense of entitlement. I will explain when I call you my friend I feel entitled to be introduced as a friend too. Let me use my personal experience. So I have this friend a girl, I like a lot and I held her in high esteem and introduced her to anyone I meet as my very good friend plus she was my roommate and classmate. One day oh, that is how we saw one of her Friends and she was like meet Martha , my classmate. Chaaii, I was really hurt that day oh, the thing pain me, in my mind I was like’ she should have at least said we were roommates maybe that would have shown how close we were, only for her to say class mate’.
Trust me , this label issue has caused lots of problem, it has destroyed good friendship, relationships, and have left many hurts and alone. I mean who will want to explain that I am hurt because I was not labelled right. Why do you think we have play boys and play girls around , because one of their good qualities is labelling people that love them or they love wrongly. You can never hear a play boy say he has a girlfriend, because he knows that a label that will make other girls leave him.
For me I believe labelling others should be mutual, I think it would be nice so that you will introduce somebody as your best friend only for the person to introduce you as my street friend. I know some will say that does not define friendship but trust me it helps friendship. To some people though label doesn’t really matter , well that’s them.
All I have to say is we all have feelings, we all get hurt and can heal and we are all different beings. So just be careful with how you categorize the people in your life, label from your heart , don’t expect much too when you are tagged wrongly you won’t be offended, expect less from people, we are all humans and know only you can make you happy.
Don’t forget we all hold different views and your opinion matters. Do it well to share your views.

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