Hunger Issues

There are many issues in this world sef, some people will come and be saying , ah the man has anger issues, they had health issues in their family , she has hearing issues, this one that one , me too I add my own join , hunger issues. I have a very jovial friend, she is so friendly, she can gist for Africa, talks very fast, she has every gossip line and details you are missing, both offline and online, she laughs with so much fullness and life ,trust me she is the life of the party. But whenever bebe is hungry, chaaaaaiiii you see all those qualities I painted earlier will just fade away , she will be now be very quiet and be looking like a small child that fought lion and that is how she will be like that until she has eaten. Most of us are the complete opposite of our real self when we are hungry, and not to deceive ourselves if you like drink water or take juice from morning till night na still food be the solution to hunger.
A hungry man is an angry man they say, but to me an hungry man is also a confused man until he has eaten. Remember Uncle Esau, people will always blame this uncle , be forming nonsense activist and perfectionist like they know the kind of porridge Uncle Jacob made, or the kind of hunger that was worrying Uncle Esau. Some people will just be hating up and down, I don’t think you know what hunger can drive people to do. Oh! Wait you think its everyone on the street that loves to beg, or you think they don’t have self esteem too but when person dey age, he fit do anything. Trust me ,I am not glorifying what Esau did, but I just pray we will have more than enough to eat and give so we won’t get to that stage of hunger.
A young boy walked up to me where I was sitting and told me he was hungry, in my mind I was like Ibadan people have come again oh, all they want is money and me I don’t have shishi , so I told him I don’t have money oh, but I have food ,this boy agreed to eat the food and he sat down right beside me and eat, you needed to see the way he ate the food , my heart was torn ,I was really sad that day, and I thought of the number of people out there who are so hungry and have nothing to eat.Trust me , if th Government will not even do anything for its citizens , let them just make cost of feeding so low, that even the most poor can afford it. My warm heartfelt Prayers to initiatives moulded towards reducing poverty level and feeding, you guys are the real GS.
Hunger can make one sick, I remember myself and the man in the Violence novel by Festus Iyayi, who was so hungry that he fell very sick and was even hospitalized.
Oh , yes my own story. When I was 8 , that was how my neighbor decided to take me to a party, you know children now , I was so excited my mother told me ‘ Baby eat before you go, ‘ I said no oh, I was even crying saying no am not eating, rolling on the floor , but all along my mother was shaking her head, it was later I realized she was shaking her to the hunger that will finish me. At the party, I danced and danced even won award, after like 4 hours ,they still did not share food, I started running temperature before I knew it, headache set in , the adults around ,started looking for who brought me, my neighbor sha came and started nonsense like ‘ Ah, they warned me not to bring her oh, ah she is the only child of her parents oh, mtcheww, who ask you that one. She went to get drugs for and I was given food , after I ate cheer, headache left, temperature disappear, come and see miracle, there is no miracle anywhere, na hunger won kill me.
Remember those long church services arrrghh hunger would have want to finish somebody’s child, me that in my my head, I would have cooked the food I want to eat , my sitting position and taken water or juice but in reality I am still in church. Remember secondary school, 5 min to break like this my spirit have japa from class and I already buying food from the canteen.
My people, please feed well. Hunger is not a friend to keep, neither an enemy to have. I hope we all have enough to eat and give. Don’t forget to leave your comments. Aurevior .

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