Ozone layer is healing- UN report

A new UN report from a study which is released every four years to monitor the recovery of Ozone in the stratosphere, has revealed that the Ozone layer is healing.

Ozone layer is healing- UN report lailasnews

The study, ‘Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018’, which is the latest in a series of reports, shows that the concentration of ozone-depleting substances continues to decrease, leading to an improvement in the layer since the previous assessment carried out in 2014.

The findings which has been hailed as a demonstration of what global agreements can achieve, and an inspiration for more ambitious climate action to halt a catastrophic rise in world temperatures, stemmed from an internationally agreed actions carried out under the historic Montreal Protocol, which came into being over 30 years ago.

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The Protocol was in response to the revelation that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other ozone-depleting substances – used in aerosols, cooling and refrigeration systems, and many other items – were tearing a hole in the ozone layer and allowing dangerous ultraviolet radiation to flood through.

Ozone is a layer that protects life on Earth from harmful layers of ultraviolet rays from the sun. Ozone in parts of the stratosphere has recovered at a rate of one to three per cent since 2000 and, at projected rates, Northern Hemisphere and mid-latitude ozone is scheduled to heal completely by the 2030s, followed by the Southern Hemisphere in the 2050s and polar regions by 2060.

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