Twist of Fate 2 Zee World Series Full Story Summary

Twist of Fate Season 2: Here’s What To Expect!- Afmobiblog
Twist of Fate Season 2: Here’s What To Expect!

Premiere month: September 2018

Everybody’s favourite series is back with their second season, continuing the cliff-hanger that left viewers guessing what happened to our fun-loving rockstar, Abhi and the ever determined and strong-willed wife, Pragya.

Will they finally get the love they deserve or will Abhi’s evil sister Aliya get what she wants and remove Pragya for good?

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In Twist of Fate Season 2, Pragya (Sriti Jha) has finally left the Mehra house. Tanu and Alia are very happy that Abhi has forgotten a part of his life – especially his marriage with Pragya and fight with Alia. On the other hand, Purab is worried about his friend Abhi. Since Alia and Tanu, who are guilty, are still happily with Abhi. And Pragya, who deserves to be with Abhi, is made to stay away from him – just because of doctors’ advice that if he is pressurized to recall his past, he would fall into coma!

Pragya reaches Abhi’s office for the interview. She is happy to see Abhi’s poster around. The receptionist who got promoted as a manager takes, Pragya’s interview.

She reveals to Pragya that she is overqualified for the job, but still the latter accepts the job. Pragya is excited to be around Abhi and doesn’t listen to what the manager tells her.

” />Pragya

In the upcoming episode, Alia calls Tanu to reveal her plan over the phone. Tanu, who hasn’t met Abhi yet, is excited to meet him, and reveals the same to Tanu.

” />Alia & Tanu

Pragya comes to the office for the job, while Alia is unaware that Pragya has been appointed as a receptionist. Alia feels she saw Pragya at the office and looks worried!

It has to be seen what Alia and Tanu would do after they get to know that Pragya has been appointed as a receptionist; and how Abhi would react seeing Pragya at the office.Abhi’s car almost hits Pragya, but she recalls the doctor’s words. When Abhi comes out of the car seeing a mess on road, Pragya runs away, as per the doctor’s advice.

” />Twist of Fate Season 2 Spoilers: Here’s What To Expect!- Afmobiblog

Pragya is just happy to be around Abhi. Just like how Abhi used to speak to fuggi doll, Pragya is now talking to the rock star doll. She will be seen talking and dancing with Abhi’s doll!

” />Twist of Fate Season 2 Spoilers: Here’s What To Expect!- Afmobiblog

In the upcoming episode, Pragya reveals to Beeji, how excited she is with the receptionist job. She also reveals to Beeji that she can watch Abhi and his poster is right in front of her. Beeji Wishes Pragya Beeji wishes Pragya that like how Abhi is with Tanu and has moved on, Pragya too, must get a good partner, so that she can also lead a happy life. (It has been a month and Abhi doesn’t remember Pragya.)

” />Twist of Fate Season 2 Spoilers: Here’s What To Expect!- Afmobiblog

Pragya interrupts Beeji and tells her that she is happy to be around Abhi and she too, must be happy. Well, it would be interesting to watch, Abhi and Pragya coming face-to-face at the office! Purab, also expresses his worries to Dadi. But Dadi tells him that she can’t afford to lose Abhi and will not forcefully revive his past. Purab is disappointed with Dadi’s decision!

” />

Alia takes advantage of Abhi’s situation and asks him a share of his profit. Abhi, who doesn’t remember that he hates Alia, accepts Alia’s proposal. He also tells Alia that whatever he earns belongs to Dadi and Alia. On the other hand, Pragya’s woes continue. She cries recalling the past. Also, she gets to know that her family is suffering from financial crisis, as Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall has been sold out!

Pragya then decides to get a job. She gets to know that there is a vacancy in Abhi’s office as a receptionist and applies for it. The manager asks Pragya whether she is okay with the job as she is over qualified! Pragya finally gets selected as a receptionist and is happy that she can be around Abhi daily.

From there on, Abhi and Pragya become close friends. Abhi then hires her as his personal assistant. Abhi and Pragya’s boss-employee relationship blooms into something more and Abhi sees Pragya as his best friend and even something more. Abhi has some unclear flashbacks of his past in his dreams. After many conspiracies, Pragya challenges Aliya and Tanu that she will bring back Abhi’s memory before his marriage with Tanu, she was supported by Dadi and Purab.Purab makes Abhi realize his feelings for Pragya. He later confesses his love to Pragya and she also confesses her love to him.

But unknown to them, Tanu’s mum has heard everything. She calls Abhi and lies to him that she is in the last stage of pancreatic cancer and may die anytime and that her last wish is to see her daughter married. Abhi falls for it and decides to continue with his marriage with Tanu, breaking Pragya’s heart in the process. Dadi comes and tells Pragya she wants to swap her and Tanu so she can marry Abhi.

For their plan to work, Purab chloroforms Tanu. When on her way to the mandap, Nikhil discovers that it is Pragya and not Tanu and kidnaps her while he manages to get Tanu conscious with Aliyah’s help. So Tanu goes to sit at the mandap to marry Abhi whiles Nikhil decides to kidnap and take Pragya away. However Sarla witnesses her daughter’s kidnapping and is hit on the head to unconsciousness by Nikhil when she attempts to stop them. They take Pragya away while Janki takes Sarla to the hospital.

Meanwhile when Abhi and Tanu are about to take rounds, Tanu slips and her dupatta removes. Dadi, Dasi and Purab realise that it isn’t Pragya who is marrying Abhi and gets worried having no way to stop the wedding. Pragya cries at her kidnapped location thinking her husband is marrying another woman and she can’t do anything but fortunately, Sarla makes it on time to the Mehra house exactly when Abhi and Tanu are going for their last round, to announce her daughter’s kidnapping.

Abhi leaves with Purab immediately to rescue Pragya without completely the last round infuriating Tanu who asks Nikhil to kill Pragya but Pragya manages to escape from the goons.

Later,  Abhi finds Pragya where the kidnappers kept her and they run away from the kidnappers then and get married again. Tanu watches this through video call and wants to faint.  Finally, Abhi is now married to Pragya and he remembers all his past but only him and Pragya know he has remembered his past and they have a romantic moment…

Pragya’s father and other sisters that she didn’t know she had will also appear in season 2. Pragya’s father is the priest who will get Abhi and pragya married again.

Season 2 promises to be way more interesting than season 1. So, sit tight and get ready for a lot of twists in Twist of Fate Season 2!

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