Iron Lady Zee World Series Premiere Date and Full Story Summary

Premiere month: July 2018

 Indira Sharma is a young woman living with her family in the same house. After her father, Inder Sharma, leaves the family for another woman, Indira is forced, as the only working member of her family, to shoulder all the responsibilities involved in taking care of her family. Stress and family pressure turn her into the “Iron Lady”.

To make more money Indira rents out her upper room to a new tenant called Rishi Kumar. However, as the story progresses, Rishi turns out to be much more than your usual tenant.

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From saving Indira’s sister, Mandira from all sorts of trouble to constantly fighting Indira’s battles with her manipulative father, Inder, as well as helping Indira out personally, Rishi’s charming light-hearted personality slowly breaks through Indira’s cold and stern demeanour and she gradually begins to fall in love with him.

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However, as it turns out, Rishi is responsible for running over Indira’s other brother, Viren, in a drunken driving incident, which crippled Viren. He has only come into the Sharma House and Indira’s life looking for redemption.

However, Rishi also falls in love with Indira, but what will become of this love story once all the truth comes to light?

Iron Lady which is literally titled “Hitler Didi” will be replacing King Of Heart Season 2.

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