My Golden Home Zee World TV Series Full Story Cast Summary


My Golden Home On Zee World Tv Series Full Story Cast Summary


Premiere date: July 2018

The story centres round the Golden Palace, which is famously known as Swarn Bhawan (House of Gold) because everything in this house is made of pure gold.


Thakur Uday Pratab Singh is the proud owner of the luxurious mansion, along with his beautiful and humble wife Chandra, and two daughters Abha and Lata, as well as the last-born son Prakash.

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The story takes an unexpected twist when Uday is betrayed by his financial treasure which brings him to bankruptcy, resulting in the family having to put the Mansion up for auction.


The Mansion is then bought by his arch-rival, lawyer Jagmohan Prasad. Generational feuds between the two families come into play, as Jagmohan’s father used to be a driver for Uday’s father.


Uday Senior insulted Prasad Senior, which is why Jagmohan always held a grudge against the Singh family – he wants revenge for what they did to his father.

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Oblivious to the facts, Karan Prasad, who is Jagmohan’s youngest son, falls in love with Abha Singh, which fuels the enmity of the two families. The young couple go through challenges in their marriage and their quest to unite the family.


In their journey, we witness the strength of family love as well as the betrayal of family members who stand with the opposition to gain money and love.

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