Begusarai Zee World Series Premiere Date and Full Story Summary


Premiere month: July 2018

Begusarai is the land of Phulan Thakur and his family. Beguserai is set in the district of Bihar, India where power, wealth and respect are earned through bloodshed and gunfights.

As the leader of the family, Phulan is responsible for picking the heir to his throne, but this is not a simple task as the family is fragmented.

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With troubled times approaching, Phulan aims to unite the family to ensure peace prevails amongst the family and across the land.

And then Bhindya arrives – a beautiful and renowned dancer who has evil intentions towards the Thakur family. She aims to manipulate her way into the trust of the family where she can cause them to fragment further.

Her goal is to take over the reins of the family and become the newest ruler of Beguserai herself.

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Will Phulan find a worthy candidate to be the new ruler of Begusarai? Will Bhindiya get her way in destroying the Thakur family?
This series which was previously scheduled to premiere in March will now premiere in July as it will be replacing Fire & Ice. 



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