Seven Stars To Look Out For In The Africa Nations Cup 2019

The 32nd edition of The Africa Cup of Nations kicked off on Friday, 21 June 2019 with an exciting opener between host Egypt and The Warriors of Zimbabwe. This is the biggest Africa Cup of Nations ever featuring 24 national teams as against the 16 teams, with three sides making their debut at an Africa […]

Martha’s Pen: Get a hobby

“Hobbies keeps your mind clear and your hands busy” I learnt that from a cartoon, but for those who see cartoons as being a baby’s thing , just focus on the quote  and not the source. You see most time we are often idle , we don’t have anything to do, we get bored so […]

Martha’s Pen: June

Hey guys it’s been a really longtime so sorry for the quite long break I have come back reloaded with all the interesting topics to pique your interest. It’s a new month already. I actually can still remember the dances and jubilation in church at the cross over service, and here we are it’s almost […]

Martha’s Pen: Relationship Palaver

Have you ever been through a bad breakup breakup before?, ever been cheated on or betrayed?, ever been hurt by someone who you hold in so much high esteem?, and after all of these you feel like your healing process might take forever , if you are in this position or were then you will […]

Martha’s Pen: Prove to Who??

I have realized overtime that some of us are not satisfied with ourselves, achievements , growth or even plans in life , because we have chosen to get invisible marks of a job well done from some set of people with whom we have worked tirelessly to prove ourselves to, and these are people who […]

Martha’s Pen: Support System

You know how it is in secondary school that topic is it biology or inter science now? , that follows one another  discussing the various systems of the body, respiratory, circulatory etc well for the support system I don’t mean those ones that regulate your body and all rather I mean the support system for […]

My First Air-Travel experience

Kindly place your hand on your chest and repeat after me😆 ”No matter what I read here today, I shall not make jest of the writer either to her face or even in the comment section. So help me God.” Kindly note that you are now under oath😒 You May proceed😁 In October 2017, I […]

Movie Review: Lionheart

This year, I’ve been a victim of money wastage at the cinema a number of times, I won’t mention the movies tho😑. In fact, one of those times, I actually left the cinema before the movie ended. So I’ve decided to choose carefully and not waste my money anymore. But guys, today, I got value […]

The book that changed my Relationships

Few years ago, I was way more annoying than I am now😑. Because I’m quite extroverted and I hadn’t gained proper control of my temperament, I would easily lash out at others and sometimes say more than I should. Sometimes, even while joking, I would pass some mean comments that would hurt others and here’s […]

My First week at the Nigerian Law School

Hello Y’all It’s been a while😁, your girl has been settling down at Law School and as you’ll expect, I’ve got some juicy gists to spill😁 About a week and few days back, I got news that we’ve been posted to various campuses for the compulsory one year course to be qualified to practice law […]

Writers—born or made?

What are your goals for 2019? For sure, personal growth and pruning is one of them. Landing a (better) job might also be another. You have writing aspirations or goals? So get up and hit the ground running; achieve your goals right from this month. In the fast-paced digital world of today, the writing industry […]

Seven Questions you must ask a prospective spouse!

Some people clicked so fast to see what a single twenty-something year old girl has to say about relationships but oh well😆, you may have to keep scrolling to find out So innocent me was scrolling through Instagram sometimes last week and I saw a conversation someone posted. A few other people reposted this conversation […]

Your Social Media Space will change after reading this!

If you’re here hoping that I’m about to teach you how to increase your followers on social media then you’re in the wrong place 😂 as I don’t even have a wide followership base myself so🤷🏼‍♀️(but if you’re still not following me on Instagram, why😓??, just minimise now and head over to follow me on […]

How I met my better half

I’m going to take a record of those who came here to read this post and I’m sure it’ll be one of the highest I’ve ever recorded because you people like love story😂 So take note: I am not taken! I am as single as the word itself. So what then is the whole point […]

Ellen DeGeneres opens up about being sexually assaulted by stepfather when she was a teenager

Ellen DeGeneres has opened up about being sexually assaulted by her mum’s husband when she was a teenager.   In her upcoming interview on David Letterman‘s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the popular TV host reportedly spoke about her mother, Betty, marrying a “very bad man” when DeGeneres was a teenager.   According to Entertainment Tonight, DeGeneres explains […]