Martha’s Pen: June

Hey guys it’s been a really longtime so sorry for the quite long break I have come back reloaded with all the interesting topics to pique your interest. It’s a new month already. I actually can still remember the dances and jubilation in church at the cross over service, and here we are it’s almost […]

Martha’s Pen: Support System

You know how it is in secondary school that topic is it biology or inter science now? , that follows one another  discussing the various systems of the body, respiratory, circulatory etc well for the support system I don’t mean those ones that regulate your body and all rather I mean the support system for […]

My First Air-Travel experience

Kindly place your hand on your chest and repeat after me😆 ”No matter what I read here today, I shall not make jest of the writer either to her face or even in the comment section. So help me God.” Kindly note that you are now under oath😒 You May proceed😁 In October 2017, I […]

Movie Review: Lionheart

This year, I’ve been a victim of money wastage at the cinema a number of times, I won’t mention the movies tho😑. In fact, one of those times, I actually left the cinema before the movie ended. So I’ve decided to choose carefully and not waste my money anymore. But guys, today, I got value […]

Writers—born or made?

What are your goals for 2019? For sure, personal growth and pruning is one of them. Landing a (better) job might also be another. You have writing aspirations or goals? So get up and hit the ground running; achieve your goals right from this month. In the fast-paced digital world of today, the writing industry […]

How I met my better half

I’m going to take a record of those who came here to read this post and I’m sure it’ll be one of the highest I’ve ever recorded because you people like love story😂 So take note: I am not taken! I am as single as the word itself. So what then is the whole point […]